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When it comes to investing, most people will not take personal responsibility will delegate to their bank or accountant to advise them on the best strategy. for some years, I took this responsibility on my own. I’m really enjoying learning about this subject. but damn, it's really hard.

2020 and 2021 have been crazy years for investing.

All-time highs everywhere. Housing, stock markets, Cryptocurrencies, NTFS*, Market volatility, Hyperinflation, or deflation? commodity pricing is going crazy. Covid19

For many years now that I have been trying to self improve my routine

There are a few habits that I feel are important for me

  • Sleep
  • Eating Clean
  • Sports
  • Learn something new
  • be productive

This post will show how to use CDK with python to create HTTP API with Authentication Cognito

In this post, you will find two endpoints on HTTP API one protected other with public access.

import os 
from aws_cdk import (
aws_apigatewayv2 as apigateway,
aws_apigatewayv2_integrations as api_integrations,
aws_certificatemanager as certman,
aws_cognito as cognito,
aws_cloudwatch as cw,
aws_cloudwatch_actions as cw_actions,
aws_lambda as _lambda,
aws_sns as sns,
region=os.environ[“AWS_REGION”]class MediumStack(core.Stack):def __init__(self, scope: core.Construct, construct_id: str, **kwargs) -> None:
super().__init__(scope, construct_id, **kwargs)
# The code that defines your stack goes here

Creating the certificate

cert = certman.Certificate(

For 10 years I have worked as a freelancer at the same time maintaining a full-time job

This is a retrospective of those 10 years

All started in the year 2011 was invited to help an association with all things related to IT.

Started by helping with Network assistance but soon evolved to much more, helping with adjudicating communication providers, laptops, servers, and lately web product development.

My approach was very simple to reduce as much as possible their dependence on my help. …

For the past week, I have been testing CDK in an attempt to replace cloud formation.

So far, I really think CDK is very promising, but initial experience requires some patience and a lot of reading. And for Python, there isn't a lot of examples online.

Having cloud formation as a background is almost a must.

I Will leave a small sample of using CDK to create a simple lambda with cloud alarm to notify an SNS topic when lambda fails.

Installing CDK

npm install -g aws-cdk

Initialize app

cdk init app — language python

Activating virtual env

source .venv/bin/activate

Installing Python modules

pip install aws_cdk.aws_lambda aws_cdk.aws_cloudwatch aws_cdk.aws_cloudwatch_actions aws_cdk.aws_ssm aws_cdk.aws_sns

Adding lambda code

This is the year! I’m taking the leap from freelancer to having my own business.

I want to share with you my journey on how it is to bootstrap your business as a side hustler.

About me

I’m a 35-year-old Portuguese guy who started working in 2007 in IT

I have no academic degree and I don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs.


In 2010 I started working as a freelancer in my free time. And it has been a blast so far. But it’s time to take the next step.

And for these, I have no experience or people close to…



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